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According to the website ArchitectureWeekend, the Portuguese Pavillion is a “must see” of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition, held in Venice.

This year Portugal participates with a media publication: a newspaper named Homeland, News from Portugal. The project will include news about current social, economic and of course architectural life in Portugal and it will review 100 years of modernity from rural to urban environments trying to reveal how modernity has affected the culture of the country.

“This newspaper is the Portuguese Pavilion, it aims to have an influence on the present Portuguese situation, to start a debate, to provoke some kind of response, to show possible paths, using examples from the past and speaking about the future. Everything happens in a specific place, with specific persons, in specific context, it's not “nowhere”, but we constantly forget that what we sometimes call Utopia is probably the only way to modernity. Without a notion of future there is no modernity.”, as described by its authors.

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